Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Romanian ia (traditional blouse for womens)

A traditional port for womens is the "ia". The ia is a blouse for womens that is manual embroidered with a lot of models and colors. Every model is meaning something. Looking at embroidered models, we can firure out, what is the statute of the woman that wears the blouse.We can tell if the woman is young, married or elder. A nice colored ia belongs to a young women, that is not married, a less colored one belongs to a married womand, a wife, and a black and white embroidered ia, belongs to an elder woman.
The main material used for making ia is the cotton. The embroidery is manufactured from silk or colored cotton.
The ia models are different from one area to another.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Find handmade things from Romania

Here you can find handmade objects from all Romania. Every object has a story. Handmade things from Moldavia, Transylvania, Bukovina, Muntenia, Banat, Oltenia.